Chukkallo Chandrudu - HD
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Genres: Love
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Added On: 2011-05-10
Chukkallo Chandrudu - HD

Description - Arjun (Siddardha) is a Germany-based NRI. He gives a commitment to his grandfather (ANR) that he would find a bride and marry soon. He returns to India and takes help of his childhood friend Puppy (Sunil). Arjun identifies three girl childhood friends - Sravani, Sandhya and Shalini. Sravani (Sada) is a middle class girl who is studying MBBS. Sandhya (Charmme) is an aggressive women activist. Shalini Rao (Saloni) is a tennis celebrity. Arjun rechristens his name as Krishna in-order to be a stranger to these three girls. His plan is to select the best girl as bride. The entire story of the film is all about who he ends up falling in love with.

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