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Genres: Love
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Added On: 2012-05-31

Description - Rani (Shobhana) an aspiring dancer. Rani meets Raja (Karthik Muthuraman) an aspiring painter and singer. They fall in love with each other as their mutual love for art unfolds at an arts institute/college. Meanwhile, Rani's father (J.V. Somayajulu) hopes to get his daughter married soon. But, Rani is bent on convincing her dad to accept Raja as her future spouse. Further, the drama unfolds when Rani's pregnant sister Kamala (Rajya Lakshmi) and her husband (Sarath Babu) along with their two kids visit from Chennai for Kamala's third delivery. Kamala's husband, who owns a recording studio, leaves to Chennai after a short stay in Kodaikanal. Unfortunately, after Kamala's accidental death, her father wishes to get Rani married to her brother—in-law and take care of the two kids. Rani has to choose between Raja and looking after her sister's family. Raja can't take this and he starts drinking as he loses hopes on uniting with Rani. Unaware of Raja's connection to Rani, Kamala's widower meets Raja. There he incidentally notices Raja's painting, singing skills and offers him to sing for an album at his recording theater. He introduces Raja to Rani at Rani's home before requesting Raja to stay there until Raja's recording is complete. The movie becomes dramatic as Rani's brother-in-law finds out that Rani is in love with Raja. He cannot see Rani as his wife. How the individuals try to compromise and sacrifice for each others' aspirations and feelings forms the crux of the story.


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