Krishna Leela
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Genres: Family
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Added On: 2013-07-15
Krishna Leela

Krishna is a graduate but donot have job. Once he gets job near Kaikala Satyanarayana. Subhaleka Sudhakar & Mohan Babu are two younger brothers to Satyanarayana. Ramya Krishna is the daughter of Krishna's uncle. They both are in love with each other since childhood. Krishna is the only the person who take care of his uncle's family. Once he gets an idea to provide kaikala's out house as accommodation to Ramya krishna's family. So that he can see her and be with her every day. But he never think that was the plan which throws him into hurdles. Kaikala and his two brothers fell in love with Ramya krishna and want to marry her. How Krishna plays mind game to solve his problem and married Ramya Krishna is the story.

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