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Genres: Family
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Added On: 2011-01-05


This is a teen love story, a typical story of the rich girl falling for the poor guy.
Chantigadu and Seetha Maha Lakshmi are two good friends but then in the course of time they happen to fall in love with each other (obviously). The girl’s father is a rich landlord whereas the guy’s mother is a cook in the local Lord Rama’s temple. When the two actually decide to marry, the priest in the temple tells them the whoever marries Seetha Maha Lakshmi will lose the life of his mother in the bargain.
It is obvious that he chooses his mother over his love and starts avoiding Seetha.
But fate has something else in store for them, they are left alone on a boat-------
The rest of the story revolves round how the two get together and attain the acceptence of their parents.

Star Cast - Baladitya, Suhasini, Saranya, Ahuti Prasad,

Director - Jaya, 

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