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Genres: Family
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-01-05


Deva's (Kesava Teerdha) maternal uncle is sentenced to death for a crime which is not committed by him. Three businessmen - Chalapati (Ramaraju), Raghupati (Raghubabu) and Lakshmipati (GV) - fix him on false charges. Deva wants prove the innocence of his uncle to police and court. Whenever he tries to tail on one of these businessmen, the business accidentally gets killed and the blame goes on to Deva. He is also chased by a TV reporter (Mounika) for having a little dispute with her. This story is all about how Deva proves the innocence of his maternal uncle and sets him free from jail.

Star Cast - Keshav Thirtha, Monika,

Director - Nethaji,

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