Hitech Students
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Genres: Drama
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-06-07
Hitech Students

Description - A group of five educated unemployed friends, led by Akash (Jai Akash) and Sai (Sai Kiran) frequently meet to chart out their future. A girl Neelambari also gets tagged to them. They decide to send one among them to USA, who, in turn, will make money, send it home and help in taking the rest to the USA.

Their common choice is Akash. He leaves for foreign lands and returns in the final scene. Back at home, Sai and friends continue making attempts to survive. That is when Malathi (Jaya Karishma) forces Sai to come away with her and takes him to a temple. She asks him to tie mangalasutram around her neck in the Lord's presence.

She then explains that she needed the marriage to save herself from marrying a rogue whose father is chosen as her guardian, following the death of her rich father. As all arrangements are made for their marriage, she demands that Sai stay away from her till he comes up in life. That is also the time when a girl named Jaya (Anjali), already pregnant, suddenly forces herself into the apartment of these four bachelors. Sai thinks she came there to spy on him for Malathi. The friends however take care of Jaya. As they attempt to collect money for the hospital bill when she delivers, a cheque arrives from Akash. And Akash too arrives and reveals he is Jaya's husband and that she returned to India to deliver their child.

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