Gowtham SSC
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Genres: Drama
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Added On: 2011-06-29
Gowtham SSC

Story delivers a good message to youth. Gowtam (Navdeep) is youngest of three sons of Collector Shambhu Prasad. His wife is a professor, eldest son (Sizzu) is a doctor, second one (Sreenivasa Varma) is a businessman, and his daughters-in-law are also in a well-to-do status. But his last son fails to go beyond S.S.C.. Though Mr. Prasad ignores his son's small gaffes, he doesn't spare him when he comes to know that this brat forged his signature and he throws him out of house. A tutor (Sindhu), who teaches his brother's kids, takes him to her house. There, he gets inspired by the words of Bhanu (Bhanu Priya) and plunges himself into automobile repairing. He invents a carburettor that gives a mileage of 120km per liter and makes his brother as the patentee for his apparatus. He saves his eldest brother from a conspiracy of hospital management and also fixes marriage of his sister with her lover. In spite of doing all good to his family he never lets his father to know about these things as his father always wishes to see his third son as an I.A.S. officer. He strives for that and his love is also not informed of his efforts. Movie ends with sharing his triumph with his father.. Starring: NavadeepSindhu TolaniMadhu SharmaNassarBhanupriyaRavaliVenu MadhavAVSSunilKrishna BhagawanMS NarayanaPruthviSri VarmaARC BabuGunduAnand RajSanaDeepaMaster KushlPriyanka Directed by: P.A.Arun Prasad Produced by: Y.Sonia Reddy Written by: P.A.Arun Prasad

Star Cast - Navadeep, Sindhu Tolani, Madhu Sharma.

Director - Arun Prasad.

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