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Genres: Drama
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-04-05

Description - "Anil (Sivabalaji) is a film director and shoots for albums. His sister is in hospital, not able to come out of shock.  So, doctor (Saratbabu) advises him to make his next album on fear. He meets a girl by name Chitra (Madhushalini) through his assistant. The unit goes to an old bungalow and the assistant director gets killed in the night. The unit members tell ACP Chatterjee (Asish Vidyarthi) that ghost has killed him. He accidentally finds the ghost. He also sees a skeleton and a locket containing Anil's photograph. Now, he sets out to find more about the ghost with the help of Sivaswamy (Ramireddy).Chatterjee comes to know that the ghost is Anil's love Bhanumati (Nikhita) who is killed by Anil. He also comes to know that Anil has plans to kill his sister who is in the hospital. Chitra is also killed by the time he learns that he has also has plans to kill her. However, he manages to warn the staffs in the hospital and save Anil's sister. Now, the story takes a turn as Anil is suffering from a psychiatric disease. He kills Bhanu on seeing her in a compromising position with another man though the girl is Bhanu's friend Ramya. He also wants to kill his sister on seeing a condom in her bag. He thinks she is into prostitution. The truth is, she saves a prostitute and thus accidentally exchanged their bags. The hero at last realizes his follies in the end.

Star Cast - Siva Balaji, Nikitha

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