Aa Roje
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Genres: Drama
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-07-19
Aa Roje

Description - Chandu (Yashwant), Vijay (Vijayasai) and Babloo (Babloo) are friends and study in the same college. They are not happy as girls do not care for them. They are poor and cannot afford bikes and this is shown as the reason why the girls shun them. When they are about to commit suicide, a real estate agent approaches them and offers them good commission if they can bring a party for his land. The hero manages to find a customer Prince (Brahmanadam). He buys the land and the heroes get good commission. With this money they buy bikes and the girls start going out with them. Then begins the action episode - the bank robbery. Brahmannandam is at his best. He played both comedy and serious action with flair.

Star Cast - Brahmanandam,Vijay, bablu, Saira Bhanu, Krishna Bhagwan

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