Yamagola Malli Modalindi
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Genres: Comedy
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2010-11-13
Yamagola Malli Modalindi

Yamagola Malli Modalindi

Description : Aishwarya (Meera Jasmine) is born into a wealthy family. Her birth brings all happiness, riches, name and fame to the family. But, the tragedy in her horoscope is that she would die at the age of 22. At the Yamaloka, old Yama and old Chitragupta want to retire from their duties. They send their grandsons Jr. Yama (Srikanth) and Jr. Chitragupta (Venu) to earth on an assignment. The duo has to take out the life of Aishwarya. But, both start loving the human beings. While Jr. Yama falls in love with Aishwarya, his friend goes flat for a lady cop Vyjayanthi (Reema Sen). The remaining film deals about love and celestial aspects in comic way. 

Star Cast : Srikanth,Venu,Meera Jasmine,Reemasen

Producer : Amar Nalla

Director : Srinivasa Reddy

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