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Genres: Comedy
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2013-03-26

Description: Suryam (Balaiah) is a physical director in a local college. His mother (Radhika) is a widow. The college in which Suryam work belongs to an Industrialist called Sudarshan Rao (Charan Raj). Sudarshan Rao is the brother-in-law of the business magnate Raja (Krishnam Raju). Raja has two sons, Brahmaji and Ravi Babu. Sudarshan Rao has a son, Srihari and a daughter, Saakshi. Saakshi is a student in the college. Satyabhama (Ramya) works as a junior PD (Physical Director) in the same college. Suryam and Saakshi used to have regular fights (amir heroine gareeb hero). After a few days they fall in love. Satyabhama too loves Suryam. Star Cast: Balakrishna, Sakshi Sivanand, Ramya Krishna, Brahmanandam, Radhika, Krishnam Raju Director: Sarat

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