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Genres: Comedy
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2010-11-13


Description : The story is simple; it is about Bujji (Naresh) and Nani (Shashank), college buddies. They are trapped by a local don for some minor misdemeanor. The duo needs one crore of rupees to save their screen. So they join a software firm (absurdly named Underwear Hardware and Software Company). It is headed by Rajendra Prasad (Brahmanandam). But he is killed and a look-like takes his place. In between, Rajendra Prasad's daughter (Madhu) falls for Bujji. What follows is a series of capers that leads to the unmasking of the killer and the duo's realization that there is never a short cut to the top. 

Star Cast : Allari Naresh,Madhu Sharma

Producer : Kumar Katneni

Director : Ravi Babu

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