Khatarnak Gallu
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Genres: Comedy
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2013-05-01
Khatarnak Gallu

Description: Venkat & Rahul Roy are very close friends from childhood. Rahul and Venkat gone to london for further studies. Venkate fell in love with a girl( Monika) in UK. He follows her everyday and made her to love him. But she didn't share what she was doing and where she is from with Venkat. A secret revealed by Monika that she was trapped by mafia to do business of sex. Venkat and Rahul took a dare step to save her finally and story closes with happyendings, Watch On TeluguOne. Star Cast: Venkat, Urmila Rao, Rahul Roy, Monika, Shakti Kapoor, Mumaith Khan Director: Raja Sharma

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