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Jackpot Telugu Full Movie. Jackpot is a Romantic Comedy Film starring Kasinath, Naveena, L.B. Sriram, Aditya and others written, music composed and directed by Kasinath.

Rupa (Naveena) has driven away 98 suitors as she hates marriage, and driven to his wits' end, her father goes to 'Connection Kanakamma' - the most successful matchmaker around. He tells her that he will give Rs. 50 lakhs as dowry - but only after a child is born. So our lady decides to get her useless city-dwelling nephew Anand (Kasinath) married to the girl. Kanakamma has to tell Rupa's father that Anand is very rich, and to make himself look so, Anand takes a loan from the local goonda. This side-track-story keeps coming up every so often, for some fun.

The main story revolves around how Rupa refuses to let Anand come anywhere near her because, apparently, she's scared of the 'one-eyed snake' (no, we didn't understand what that means, so don't ask us), and basically believes that men exploit women for their own selfish desires. We are told eventually why she feels this way (bad childhood experience, of course - even Kasinath is into psychobabble and Freud) and then the story is all about how Anand coaxes and cajoles her into... well, doing it.

Movie : Jackpot (Telugu)
Genre : Romance, Comedy
Banner : Sri Gayatri Arts
Star Cast : Kasinath, Naveena, L.B. Sriram, Aditya, Prasad Babu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ramaprabha, Y. Vijaya, Jayalalitha, Ramyasri, Sri Harshini, Banda Vijayalakshmi, Banda Jyothi, Sarada, Tanuku Anitha, Hema Sudha, Divya, Mahipal Reddy, M.G. Prasad, A.M. Prabhakar, Alataf (Rayachuru), Ammulu, A.V.S. Rao, Anthony, Naveen Kumar, A.V. Lakshmi Narasimham, Macha Gowri Shankar, P. Venkateswara Rao, Giri, Pitta Narayana Rao, Heeralal, Rajasekhar, Master Chaitanya, Master Vamsi, Baby Sirisha
Director of Photography : G.V. Umapati
Editing : A. Subrahmanyam
Dialogues : Aditya
Lyrics : Kula Sekhar, Chitra Bhanu
Singers : Gangadhar, Kunche Raghu, Banti, Sudha, Ravi Varma
Choreography : Swarna Babu, Azad, Ibrahim
Stunts : Raju
Dubbing Artists : R.C.M. Raju, Priyanka, Mitai Chitti, Anuradha, Kishore, Jhansi, Manohar, Kiran
Makeup : Kona Nehru
Costumes : Aamanchi Raju
Stills : Rajasekhar Polluboyina
P.R.O : Jagan
Art : A.V.S. Rao
Associate Director : Mahipal Reddy
Assistant Directors : Krishna Kishore T, A.M. Prabhakar
Co-director : M.G. Prasad
Executive Producer : N. Lakshman Rao
Co-producer : Mallanna Gowda (Indu Pur), Om Nagar Nagaraj (Rayachuru)
Producers : P.N. Ramchandar Rao, G.V. Umapathy
Story - Screenplay - Music - Direction : Kasinath
Release : 02nd August 2001

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