Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters
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Genres: Comedy
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-07-30
Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters

Description - Bommana Brothers are theives whose parents are also petty robbers. They fall in love with Chandana Sisters, who are the daughters of Chandana Mohan Rao, a big businessman. The elder one Mani Chandana runs an orphanage, while the younger one Siri Chandana is highly devotional. They are engaged, but the Bommana Brothers win their hearts by pretending to be a blind Maharastrian guy who donates everything he's asked for to impress Mani Chandana and Rama Chandra pretends to be a devout and pious man singing Ramadasu songs in a Temple by hiring junior artistes to swoon that impresses Siri Chandana. They get married after a huge ordeal. But a bank manager they robbed previously, the Chandana's hired help (Suman Shetty) and a bunch of others are after the Brothers or after their property and the adventures don't stop.

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