Andaru Dongale
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Genres: Comedy
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-01-04
Andaru Dongale

Description - KK (Nagababu) is a business magnate and a widower. Usha (Ankita) is the daughter of KK. KK is obsessed with his newly-appointed sexy secretary Naveena (Kiran Rathod). Naveena wants to seduce KK and there by marry him so that she could become a millionaire. KK and Naveena plan for a holiday trip to Swiss so that they could find some privacy. Usha comes to know about it and wants to foil their trip. She calls her father up with a false voice and tells him that his daughter is kidnapped and he needs to bring Rs. 10 lakhs to a park as ransom.

Star Cast - Rajendra Prasad, Prabhu Deva, Brahmanandam, Kiran Rathod and Others

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