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Genres: Classics
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2010-11-13


Description : The story is like this. Satyanaraya, a village man is fond of classical music. So he makes his 12 year son a classical singer cum dancer. But he looses his son in a car accident. Though his son dies, his desire and interest of music is still alive. So he gives shelter to three orphans and treats them just like his sons and adopts them. He takes care of their education, food and shelter. He also teaches them classical music and art. Finally these three becomes good musicians. But the old man?s desire is to build a new school of classical art and music. So he sends his three adopted sons to go to town and earn enough money to build the school. So these three travel to the city and there they face various consequences they become addicted to bad habits and affairs. The costly society brings many changes in their life styles. As a result the elder son among the three leaves his pregnant wife permanently at his parents and start living with another lady in the town. Many things follow this to get the three wandering sons of classical music back to the right track. This film is a must for lovers of good films.

Star Cast : Rajasekhar ,Sumalatha  

Producer : Karunakar

Director : K Viswanath

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Tags : Sneham "Vijaya lakshmi" Narene Azmal prasanna Pandyaraj mysskin "tamil dubbed" "dubbing movie" entertainment fun

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