Vijayendra Varma
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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-01-06
Vijayendra Varma

Vijayendra Varma

A handsome man (Bala Krishna) lives in agency area with his wife (Laya), daughter and in-laws. He does not have a name nor does he know who he is. He cannot remember anything that has happened in his life 7 years before. However, he realizes that he possess special combat skills whenever he comes across evil elements. When he forces his wife to tell the truth, she reveals that he was found in river with a mutilated body and he was taken care of by her. As the man goes to Hyderabad searching for his identity, a few incidents lead to the answer. He is none but the most respected and committed Indian Army Officer Vijayendra Varma. The rest of the story is all about how he retraces his past and saves the nation from Pakistani Jihadis.

Star Cast - Balakrishna, Laya, Ankitha,

Director - Swarna Subbarao,


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