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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-06-06

Description - Hayagreevachari (K Viswanath) runs a Veda school in a place donated by local Zamindar (PJ Sharma) at Bhadrachalam. Vivekananda Sharma (Sai Kumar) is the son of Hayagreevachari and a hot blooded youngster who works as temple priest for a part-time job. Local mafia leader (Vijayaranga Raju) comes to know that the land donated for Veda School is very valuable as it has granite mine in it. The mafia man request Zamindar to sell off the land, but Zamindar relents. In the process, mafia man kills Zamindar and burns the Veda School with children packed inside. Hayagreevachari also dies in this incident. Vivekananda Sharma wants to ignore everything and lead a peaceful life in some other town. And his past catches up with him. The rest of the story is all about how he decimated the bad guys to save the local public from evil.

Star Cast - Sai Kumar, K Viswanath, Ambika, Madhu Sharma

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