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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-02-04


Description - Story begins with an incident of 1992. Rowdies go after two children and but their parents find them safely. After that (in the year 2006) Nitin wins a cycling competition held at Hyderabad and a company appoints him as its brand ambassador. The same company invites him to Mumbai. He moves to Mumbai and there, Veeru Bhai (Atul Kulkarni) wins a case on Ram Mandir. But a Muslim called Rahim (Dev Raj) obstructs the entry into the temple. Shakti (Jeeva) is friend of Veeru Bhai. Younger daughter o0ff Veeru Bhai, Janaki (Genelia) is a devotee of Sri Rama. His elder daughter is Jyotika (Rishita Bhat). Janaki stands on marrying her brother-in-law Ram who lost in her childhood. But Veeru Bhai decides to marry her with his friend Shakti

Star Cast - Nithin, Genelia, Krishnam Raju, Venu Mahdav and Others

Director - N Shankar

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