Nenu Saitham
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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-08-27
Nenu Saitham

Description - Satyam (Madhala Ravi) is a depressed youngster. He feels the society is wretched and corrupted. When he about to turn as a 'rebel', he gets the job as a police constable. Minister Veera Purushotham Rao (Jayaprakash Reddy) seeks Satyam as his personal gunmen. On the other hand, Rajini (Gurleen Chopra) enters his home for shelter for few days.  She keeps her 'past' as secret. She is actually niece of a geologist (Madala Ranga Rao) who was put in jail as he revolted against the Veera Purusottam Rao. She tries to bring him out of prison. When he is on way to court from the prison, Purusottam Rao men burn a bus, which carries geologist's villagers and Satyam's mother. Everyone is killed. Satyam learns that his mother is killed by Purusottam Rao, he revolts and in the end kills the politician. Madhala Ravi looks awful. He has no clue about facing the camera. Veteran Madala Ranga Rao has done the job in his usual manner. Gurleen Chopra is okay. Rest of the cast has done their job well. The main villain of the films of course director Dhavala Satyam.

Star Cast - Madala Ravi, Gurlin Chopra, Madala Rangarao, Jayaprakash Reddy

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