Chanakya Sapatham
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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2013-07-24
Chanakya Sapatham

Chanakya(Chiranjeevi) is customs officer at airport and he is the son of a Military Major(Sathyanarayana) who is about to be awarded Padmasree for his services. Chanakya catches the smuggling ring of Raogopalrao and in retaliation they prove that Chanakya's father is smuggling diamonds. Faced with humiliation, Chanakya challenges the villains of proving his father's innocence and bringing the culprits to justice. Vijayasanthi is the airhostess who works with chanakya, who has problems with her sister's family, for her mother-in-law always threatens for more dowry. The rest of the story deals with how both of them fight for their causes in settling their professional and personal issues and come out successfully to be united in the marital knot forms the story.

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