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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-05-17

Description - Mallanna (Devaraj) is a local goon with a number of murders to his credit. The film begins with Mallanna killing an RDO and his wife screaming for a saviour(Bhayya). As we all know, Vishal in the role of Jagan appears with a song. He lives in a small town with his parents. There he gets involved in a local deal and court gives him a sentence to sign in the local police station regularly. There he meet lady police constable Urvasi and his uncle inspector Venkata Swamy (Ashish Vidyarthi). He falls in love with (Priyamani) while he is on his way home. Then onwards he goes around her even to her college. There Malati lies to him that she is love with Guna(Ajay) who happens to be the son of Mallanna. Vishal goes to him wishes him good luck as Malati is in love with him. Since then its Guna who roams around her. How Jagan comes face to face with Mallanna? What situations lead to the union of Malati and Jagan? How Jagan comes out as the winner of the game …?-Watch the film to know the answers.

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