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Description - Manikkam (Rajnikanth) is an humble auto driver who helps people and needy. He also wants to keep away from unnecessary fights, quarrels etc. His main ambition is to bring up his brother and sisters with flying colors. His brother Shiva gets through the police training and waits for posting. Manikkam meets Priya, a rich girl who travels frequently in his auto. She develops a respect and passion for him due to his nobility. Shiva attends his interview and he is asked to bring his brother to office by a senior official when he hears the name Manikkam and Shiva's birth place is Bombay. Hesitating at first, Manikkam goes to commissioner's office. Manikkam's sister who had passed with more marks requests a medical seat to a medical college proprietor. The proprietor demands that he wants illegal relationship with her and stay in his guest house. Hearing about this Manikkam meets the guy. He surprises his sister when he makes the proprietor bow to him and readily to give seat without any condition. He also surprises his brother when he attacked the area Don when he teased his sister, as Manikkam is a person who keeps away from fights. The men attacked by Manikkam are serious at hospital. Shiva inquires Manikkam about his past life and what he was doing at Bombay 4 years back. The film then goes into a flashback about Manikkam's life at Bombay. Based on unexpected twists to the story, like the one above, the movie shows that Manikkam was actually once a Don named Manik Baashha in Bombay.Star Cast - Rajnikanth, Nagma, Devan



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