Agni Keratalu
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Genres: Action
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2010-12-30
Agni Keratalu

Agni Keratalu

Inspector Kranti(Krishna) and his lawyer wife(Sarada) always fight for justice. Nagendra(Nutanprasad) and his two brothers(Gollapudi and Giribabu) form the cunning trio of the film. Kranti arrests Nagendra for his smuggling activities and Nagendra takes revenge on him by killing him and makes his wife blind. His sons (Krishna and Siva Krishna as they grow up) get separated. How the sons take revenge on the destroyer of their family and how they got united….?? Watch the movie to know the answers.

Star Cast - Krishna, Bhanu Priya, Saradha,

Director - Tatineni Rama Rao,

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