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All the feelings which are there inside us will be expressed to this world through our body language. Especially though the eyes… this is the only reason why beauty experts put more effort to enhance the eye beauty to all the models.

Most of the fashion & beauty experts across the country extended a great applauded to the Indian models for the care they take and the interest they show towards eye make-up.

If you want to own magnificent look to your eyes like any other model, here are few tips for you while make up your eyes:

• Before you go for any make-up, make sure that your food habits and sleeping patterns are right.

• You should take min 8-10 glasses of water which will cleanse the body including eyes.

• Take Fruits and Vegetables which are rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C.

• If you have to attend a party, it’s must to take appropriate rest and relax your eyes.

• To make up your eyes, You should always use Kajal, eye- liner , Maskara etc products which are herbal based so that chemical content is less. Trust me, choosing the right product brings half of beauty to you.

• Since matching is in trend now, you should choose the right colour to the eyes which goes with your dress. At times you can opt for contrasting shades, provided if you can do it wisely.

• Pick up matt finish shades for the day time occasions and glittery ones for evening parties.

• Always give a black outline to your eyes along with the colours you choose.

• Instead of stopping the eye liner and kajal at the edge of the eyes, give an extension to make your eyes look more expressive.

• Do not forget to remove the makeup before going to bed. Try to put cotton pads dipped in rose water on your eyes to get yourself relaxed; if possible prepare the eye pads using cucumber slices.

• This will help you to get ready for the next show…. Enjoy!!!


- M.S. Bhavana

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