The Significance of Navaratri!

Its time again to celebrate the various forms of the goddess Shakti. Navaratri brings to us the nine forms the goddess every year to destroy the evil in us and instill good qualities. This is the reason why Navaratri is not simply dancing with Dhandya sticks, it has a deeper meaning.

The goddess is worshipped in nine forms to give us nine boons. The worship of the goddess in the form of Durga destroys the vices of our mind, worshipping her as Laxmi brings inexhaustible wealth which will help us survive in this material world and when we worship her as Saraswati, we receive knowledge and wisdom that no one can take away from us.

In this manner the goddess has one blessing to give her devotees, in each of her nine forms. Through such blessings she gives us the capacity of becoming a good person over the nine days and celebrating victory on the tenth day, which is celebrated as Vijayadasami. The transformation of human desires is described beautifully over Navaratri.

The first three days we are in a state of Tamo Guna. From the fourth to the sixth day we are in the Rajo Guna and finally from the seventh to the ninth day we are in the Satwa Guna which the prescribed state of being for humans.

The depiction of each form of the goddess also holds a special significance with a message for the entire human race. Goddess Durga is depicted as the destroyer of evil. It signifies that we must destroy our sins and become pious.

Goddess Laxmi is depicted as a beautiful women with four arms. The name Laxmi is derived from the term Lakshya which means aim. Therefore, the four arms of the goddess signify the four aims than a human wishes to achieve in life – righteousness [Dharma], wealth [Artha], desires [Kama] and salvation [Moksha].

The Goddess is worshipped as Saraswati to give us knowledge. In fact the name itself has a meaning signifying this. Saras means essence and Swa means self. Hence the worship of the goddess in this form, will give us an understanding of the essence of self. The book that she holds in her left hand signifies intellectual excellence that cannot be diminished.

The swan which has the capacity to separate milk and water symbolizes the boon of the goddess than allows humans to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong and real and unreal. In this manner each of the nine forms of the goddess has something to tell us. Let us understand her message and stay blessed.

.........Kruti Beesam

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