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Funny Cricket Jokes in English

Funny Cricket Jokes in English

A slip fieldsman had a particularly depressing day during which he dropped no less than ten catches all off the same bowler.

After the game he was talking to the bowler when he broke off and looked at his watch.

"I must go," he said, "I have a train to catch." The bowler looked at him bitterly.

"Let's hope you have better luck with that, then."


Why India Won the Cricket (Quarter Final world Cup) match vs Australia







Virat (K)ohli


Zaheer Kha(N)

Munaf Pa(T)e

l As(H)win


E-mail ID's of our cricketers

1 LAXMAN: available@home-only.com

2 KUMBLE: only@test_match.com

3 SACHIN: admitted@hospital.com

4 KAIF: good@for_nothing.com

5 SEHWAG: consistently@ out_of_form.com

6 DRAVID: stick@crease_like_fevicol.com

7 PATHAN: takewickets@only_with_ kenya.com

8 GREG CHAPPELL: only_experiment@noresult.com

9 Munaf Patel: only_line&length@nospeed.com

10 Harbhajan Singh: no_spinpitch@nowicket.com

11 Suresh Raina: why_i_am_there@ god_knows.com


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